Monday, July 18, 2011

i'm a youtuber, yall

So... remember how I talked about Baby's First Home Improvement Project? Yeah, well this might trump it: Baby's First YouTube Upload. I'm embarrassed to say (considering the fact that I'm a social media professional), I did not have a YouTube account prior to last night.

Truthfully, though, contributing to the everlasting blackmail supply that is the internet has always terrified me a little bit. I mean, sure I've made the occasional giggle cameo in one of Jason's videos (the real giggles kick-in around 2:15 if you're interested), but that was only after ample begging and extensive negotiations that typically included three days of not having to unload the dishwasher (yep, I'm not above haggling away household chores. Have you seen these delicate hands?) Come on, these things live for eternity for pete's sake! But alas, I have finally caved and decided it's time to jump on the YouTube bandwagon.  To find my brand-spanking-new channel, you can search "carokelso." (Not the easiest thing to remember, I'm aware, but when you wait five years to hop on a social network, your options are a little limited. Word to the wise.) And now, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you my inaugural foray as a YouTuber. All I have to say: Hide ya kids, hide ya wife, yall.

First, let me say I can't take credit for the video idea. A friend of Jason's (and I suppose a friend of mine, too, by association...) has a very unique and interesting style of art. He's super talented and creates art pieces composed entirely of text. He goes by TEKSTartist and a little bird told me he has a very unique project launching next year. (You can get the skinny on it here.) Anyway, he does these amazing time-lapsy videos showing the process, and it inspired me to record my own videos during some of my projects.

So when it was Grama's birthday last week (well, it's Jason's Grama actually but she's just "Grama" to me), I told Jason I wanted to make a card for her. (Again, you all know my affinity for hand-made cards.) Jas had the fun idea of doing a video-card for her as well so we decided to incorporate a time-lapse of whatever I decided to make.

Well a while ago, I found this pattern on Pinterest (if you're not acquainted with the sweet gift of the gods known as Pinterest, feel free to brush up by reading this post) and was instantly inspired. I love how it seems somewhat organized but free-flowing too, and I think the intricacy is beautiful. I thought it would be fun to try something similar and see where the pattern took me, which is exactly what I did. If you can't tell from the video, I really had no plan (except for the words Grama, of course) - so I just let my markers do the leading. I'm a sucker for color so to add some interest I used three shades of blue (the third one a dreamy turquoise), and I progressed from dark to light as I drew outward.

Jas edited the footage together along with a video message to Grama. I was so glad to hear she loved it, and I can't wait for her to see it in person when we send it this week. In an attempt to keep our message private, I had him teach me how to download the original video, edit out the message in iMovie, and repost with just the art part. (I'm well on my way to posting videos of cats!)

I'm really excited to post future projects because while I'm in the middle of a doodle or a craft project, I kind of get lost in it and have a hard time remembering the winding path that preceded the final product. Videos are such a cool way to see the evolution of an art piece in a short amount of time.

Anyway, this piece will be getting a lovely white mat and a nice white frame, and we'll be sending it off to grace Grama in person very soon. I'd like to wish a very happy birthday (albeit belated, by the time this is posted) to Grama if she's reading this - you are a wonderful woman and I'm so thankful that you've instilled in Jason a sense of adventure and a sense of humor. Thanks for all you do and have done!

And with that, if you'll excuse me, I need to find something to autotune. Until next time!

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