Wednesday, September 14, 2011

oh, hey. remember me? that blog you once read?

I'm back. Not by popular demand of course, because, let's be honest, in the world of blogging if you go long enough without posting, people kind of just forget you exist. And I would be fine with that. Only I'm not fine with that.

I promised myself when I started this thing that I would power through my ADD-like disposition and actually stick with a hobby/interest/anything for once in my life. I was really feeling pretty good about it for a while - posting fairly regularly, feeling the urge to rush home and jot down ideas for a post, getting great feedback from friends and family. Yep, I thought I had broken the curse.

Well, as it turns out, old habits die hard because I got busy with work, life started flying by, and then it just got to a point where posts started piling up. The list of things I would have loved to write about but instead merely recited in my head on the way home from work each day (I just wish I had something that transcribed my thoughts into blog posts. Really, Apple? There's NOT an app for that, and I'm wondering why the heck not) is as follows:

  • My twenty-third birthday. A lame milestone, but a milestone nonetheless. Jason and his family surprised me with a be-a-utiful new camera which I'm still slowly but surely learning how to use. Add that as hobby number two I hope I can stick with.
  • Crafty thangs. I actually accomplished two projects from my Pinterest inspiration boards and managed to find a sensible place for them in our home. Mark my words, these posts will see the light of day because each of them took hours from my life and each was an excruciating exercise in patience that must be paid homage to. 
  • Stress. Yeah, I realize the title of this blog has happy in it for a reason, but I've felt my internal stress levels reaching new heights lately and I feel that some bloggeral introspection could be cathartic for me and potentially helpful for someone else that gets as stressed out as I do. (And yes I'm aware that bloggeral is not a word, but I'm of the opinion that blog was once a made up word too and thus in some sort of meta-logical way, all is fair in the realm of word creation via blogs. How's that for a bit of Carol-logic? Just roll with it.)
  • Jason being gone for a full ten days and me wondering if it makes me a pathetic, dependent girlfriend for wanting to simply fall asleep and only wake up when he was back in town. Okay, that topic could use a little shortening, I know, and perhaps that is a bit dramatic (who me? dramatic? no way!) but seriously ten days was too long. It's always a great reminder though that someone is truly your best friend when they leave and you keep thinking how each thing you do would be infinitely cooler if that person was there. Yep, call me pathetic, call me dependent, but it's true. Long story short: I survived. 
  • Getting in shape. Jas and I are back on another health kick. Surprise, surprise. I'll save this gem of a post for when we actually find something we can stick to. So far we've managed to workout three of the last four days AND it's been three days since my last drink. Of Diet Coke. There is hope. 
I think that about covers it for now. But you have to admit - we've definitely got some stuff going on. Hopefully if there are those of you out there that find any of this mildly entertaining (besides my grama, Betty Jane. Hey Betty!), you will forgive me for the re-cappy nature of this post. I promise to post some crafty/clumsy goodness soon (lord knows it's only a matter of time before I have something in either of those categories to share.)

Again, thanks for hanging in there with me, although next time you catch me being this delinquent with my posts, I'm fully expecting and hoping to get angry tweets and/or blog comments telling me to whip my butt back into blogging shape.

And with that I will leave you with one of the six pictures I have taken with my new camera that are not blurry. Humor me - I've got a lot to learn.

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  1. Love the pic! Very Florida. Miss and love you. Call or text me soon, because my phone died and I lost every number.