Thursday, November 24, 2011

i'm thankful for

Today I am thankful for my family. The family that is so giving that they have graciously allowed me to spend this holiday with the one I love and his family (I promise we'll be with you next year!) I'm also very thankful to have a partner in crime whose family is so welcoming and loving that they make me feel that I've been a member of the family for years.

I'm thankful for the cold weather of Atlanta that makes it perfectly acceptable to sport a rust-colored blazer and cozy plaid scarf (this is not so appropriate attire in the frustratingly-warm November weather of Florida.) I'm thankful for the vibrant colors of the fallen leaves that remind me of childhood Thanksgiving trips up to North Carolina. I am thankful for laughter and wine and dessert, and for the precious pup that has officially turned me into a "dog person."

But most of all this year, I'm thankful for the people around me that have encouraged me to consistently follow my dreams. I've certainly made some big moves in the past year, but life is simply too short not to take risks. It's also too short not to grab seconds, which is why I'm thankful for the comfy leather couches that will await me after what I expect to be a food-coma-inducing, pant-unbuttoning, deliriously scrumptious meal. (I'm also thankful for the Sadler women who are far more domestic than me and who manage to whip up the most delicious food I've ever tasted every time I eat with them. God bless them for their patience with my rudimentary entertaining skills.)

Lastly, I'm thankful for you all reading this, because your comments and words of support keep me writing - something that makes me infinitely happy, as it turns out. I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving with your family or friends, and let us all be mindful of the many things we are thankful for.

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