Friday, December 7, 2012

a friday fave (or five) | little holiday lovelies

It's been a rough few days around these parts. While I won't get into specifics, I will say that sometimes it's the simple things in life that bring us comfort. Right now I'm holding on to the holiday spirit desperately and allowing the joy that this season brings to wrap me up like a warm blanket. As lights go up around us, holiday specials begin airing on TV and Christmas tree lots pop up on every corner, I'm reminded of cherished Christmas memories from my childhood. The excitement, the tradition, the joy of it all.

And so today I thought I'd share with you five simple holiday items that are filling me with the holiday spirit. These things have me counting down the days until Christmas and they make me smile in spite of whatever kind of day I'm having.

Check them out! (ps. We celebrate Christmas in our house, but of course I want to hear about all your traditions regardless of your faith or beliefs. Celebrate Hannukah? Let me know! Kwanzaa? I wanna hear about it! Blockade yourself in your house in order to avoid the holiday hooplah? Well hey, that's cool, I wanna hear about that too!)

1. Nature's Wick Layered Candle in Holiday Wreath and Christmas Time

You guys, this candle has CHANGED MY LIFE and it will change yours too. I picked it up on impulse in Target (remember, purchasing candles was on my holiday to-do list) and it was a bit more expensive than I'm used to paying for a candle. But let me tell you, it was totally worth it. Not only does it smell like the most authentic Christmas tree pine-y smell ever (and not cheap at all because let's be honest, it's hit or miss when it comes to some holiday candles), but the best part is that it's a wood wick candle so it gives off this soft and subtle crackling sound when you light it. It feels like there's a little fire burning wherever you put it! I'm in love. Plus I have no idea what the middle layer "Christmas Time" is going to smell like because we're still on Holiday Wreath, but I bet it's going to be AH-MAZING.

2. Peppermint (Soy) Latte from Starbucks

As much as I hate to admit it, I'm addicted to the Bux like the rest of the world. My newest obsession is the Caramel Brûlée latte, but it doesn't give me quite the same nostalgic feel that the Peppermint Latte does (note: I happen to prefer the Peppermint Latte not the Mocha, although I'm aware it's the more traditional Starbucks holiday beverage. What can I say, I'm a real rebel.) There's just something about those red cups and the familiar taste of candy-cane like peppermint warmness hitting my lips. Makes me feel all warm and cozy inside (especially during these yucky misty December days we're having lately.)

3. Michael Buble holiday Pandora station

A delightful mix of old school classics and modern day adaptations. "The Bubbly's" voice is like delicious  rich, warm caramel to my ears. Well, that's a gross visual, but you get the idea. His voice is like the modern day reminder of all the holiday Sinatra my mom used to love when I was little. Throw in a little Mariah Carey "All I Want For Christmas" and instantly I'm in the holiday spirit.

4. iPhone background from

I just discovered Sarah's blog, but I love it already. I feel like for the amount of time we spend on our various tech devices, we might as well use them to bring us some festive cheer. I fell in love with Sarah's modern wreath background, and it brings me happiness every time I catch a glimpse of it before doing something or other on my phone (which is often!) My background, plus another cute and simple snowflake background, are both available for all different devices on Sarah's blog. Go check them out!

5. Oh Joy holiday banner from

Have you guys seen the gorgeous Holiday Party Decor on If you haven't checked out Minted, they are my go-to for beautiful paper products like invitations, holiday cards, etc. Their designs are always cute but in various different styles, so whether you're looking for something modern and clean, or whimsical and handwritten, they've got you covered. Recently I received a delightful package from Minted with samples of their holiday party decor line. (To be perfectly honest, I'm actually not perfectly clear on why I received such a kind surprise, but I think #altsummit had something to do with it... I may or may not have torn into it so quickly that I missed some sort of paper that explained why I was receiving it. Whoops!) Anyway, I'm obsessed with all the color combinations of the various packages they offer, and this playful little banner is tacked up very informally on a blank wall in our house (and yes, that is a mustache on our thermostat. You can see why it's a very hard wall to decorate.) I love how whimsical the banner feels, and I think it makes our downstairs feel fun and happy (especially because this is the first year I'm accumulating holiday items so we're working with pretty much nothing to start with!)

So there you have it. Your home doesn't have to be all Clark Griswald-ed out in order for you to feel the holiday spirit. Concentrate on the little things that bring you moments of joy, and take in the holidays with family and friends. That's what making memories is all about. Happy Friday, friends, and have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. great article and love the suggestion on some things!!! going to have to check them out!!! keep up the blogging love what you do it brightens my day!! thank you!!