Friday, June 15, 2012

all i ever wanted was the simple life

Some days, at some moments, I become very aware that my life is wildly unusual. Abnormal is kind of the standard of normal around our household, and it's no surprise to me that in one single day I might be asked to adorn my boyfriend in zombie makeup, wear a GoPro camera on my head in tropical storm conditions and find "Dolphin Sneezes" in my cupboard (see exhibit A.) Yep, I can't imagine that many other people have experienced the craziness that goes on at Case de la Sadlergeart in their own lives.

Exhibit A.
Apparently this was a prop for a video at some point and it was returned to our spice cupboard as though it would be needed in recipes to come. Bonus points if you guess what spice this is in the comments.

However, last night I was hopping out of the shower post workout and mentally preparing dinner in my head when Jason yelled from the living room, "Do you want to get dinner started and I'll throw in a load of laundry?" "Sure," I said, thinking that was a pretty good deal. (Fun fact: I hate laundry. With a passion. Switching loads, folding it all, putting it all away... yuck. So basically Jason is a gem of a man and somehow gets swindled into doing most of the laundry in our house BUT I like to think that because I do most of the cooking that it all works out.)

It was the most mundane little thing but I had a moment where I was so appreciative of how simple my life is. Okay, I know it's really lame, I'm 23 years old and I should love going out and being irresponsible and I should stay as far away as possible from things like mortgages and wild Friday nights spent on the couch. But I love it. Every single second of it. I really do.

I think when I was growing up all I ever wanted was a home and a family like the one I was given. Graduating from college is the scariest (okay, also most exhilarating, but mostly scariest) feeling in the world because you're just... floating. No sense of a home, no sense of permanence (not yet at least.) And in that moment when Jas and I had that perfectly lame and simple exchange, I was all the sudden so grateful that in only two short years since being scared out of my wits and "floating," I have managed to make a home (with a wonderful man who does the laundry, no less.)

And while my life is completely odd, it's also perfectly simple and all I could have ever hoped for.

Source unknown. If you know who made this, let me know in the comments!

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