Friday, November 16, 2012

picture this palette 02 | grape + mint

While I was working on my interview with the lovely ladies from The Jam Stand, I was inspired by their cute jam labels and happen to come across the inspiration photo on Pinterest. Can we all just agree that mint and any color is a dreamy combination? I love seeing it paired with various shades purple, like the luscious dark purple of the blackberries or the more subtle lavender flowers on the mantle. Also, that outfit is what I imagine myself wearing when I'm in fact rocking a t-shirt, jeans, and wet-hair-messy-bun.

What do you guys think of the purple/mint combo? Berry awesome or berry not? 

(And no, I'm afraid the horrific puns will never stop...) Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

inspiration  // on your wall // in your home // in your closet [blouse, jean leggings, clutch, necklace, booties]

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