Wednesday, May 25, 2011

happiness these days

Things that are currently bringing joy to my life:

This blog. Obvious one, I know, but watching the evolution of this thing has made me so happy. Expect a future post showing the process because I've saved screenshots from the many stages of disarray it's been in. (Nerdy confession: Every other day or so I flip through them to watch the progress all over again. Dumb, but it brings me instant satisfaction and pride so I keep coming back to it.) In another life I would've liked to be a web designer so this is the closest I'll get, at least for now. Can't wait to see how much it changes over time.

Michael Buble. Jason and I refer to him as "The Bubbly," which I think is quite perfect because his music has this uncanny power to make life somehow seem... effervescent. (Not to be confused with Evanescence, the band. Which does the opposite in fact.) Anyway, he brings a smile to my face. AND I heard the other day that he's pretty funny at his concerts. And as you'll learn, I have a strong affinity for funny people.

Girlfriends. I admit I'm the worst person EVER when it comes to staying in touch. (Seriously, it's a problem.) I grew up with three older brothers and while I love my girlfriends to death, I'm just not one of those girls that can't live without chick-flicks and pedicures every few days. I like inappropriate humor and don't mind watching sports and enjoy sharing geeky tidbits of things I find on the web with my equally geeky boyfriend. This is just my nature. (That's not to say I'm not girly, I like shopping and Oprah and Us Weekly too, just not all the time.) However... i DID just get a pedicure with a friend the other day and loved every moment of our shamelessly girly convo. I also recently joined a group chat with all my best friends from college, and I must say it's refreshing. There's nothing like a little female perspective to remind you you're not crazy. I love sharing inside jokes and making fun of each other and knowing undoubtedly that at a moment's notice they'd be there for me if I needed them. I've made it a personal goal to stay in better contact with them because, frankly, they make my heart smile. (And we have a girls' weekend coming up in June that I can't wait for!)

Grocery shopping. Never thought I'd say groceries were a source of happiness in my life. I'm completely clueless when it comes to anything cooking-related. (Personally, I like to think my lack of domesticity is a part of my charm. Doubtful that the boyfriend would agree.) Regardless, we've gotten into a habit of going to the store together every week or every other week, usually Monday nights. Even though we always come away with the standard items (steaks/chicken/vegetables/lunchmeat/oatmeal), I just love it because it's become a ritual. We each have our few items that the other one doesn't eat and I love that we both eye each other as we put them in the cart. Cantaloupe? Really? I cannot think of a less delicious food than canteloupe and it's a poor excuse for a fruit. I can tell that's exactly what Jason's brain is saying as I place my fruit salad in the cart. It's simple, but it's our thing. And I love it.

Fresh sweet cherries. Random, but they're in season and they pretty much function as my dessert. I have to eat them immediately after dinner every night. Just the perfect amount of sweetness. Yet another one of the aforementioned grocery items that Jason does not understand, which almost makes me enjoy them more because they are uniquely mine. When I lived in New York I would buy huge bagfuls at Whole Foods and munch on them as I read a book in my apartment. Eating them brings me back to that wonderful, independent time in my life. I'm a sucker for fruit and nostalgia, what can I say. (Maybe that should have been my blog title - Fruit and Nostalgia. Hmm...)

Anyway, life is good. That is all.

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