Tuesday, May 31, 2011

feeling a little bridesmaid-less

Welp. I actually spent two hours on Saturday morning painting something for my office. Progress! The bad news is that I'm not loving it. I mean, I have a tendency to be slightly critical of the things I make (and by critical I mean neurotically unsatisfied) so I decided to just walk away from it for a little bit. I definitely think it has potential, just not sure what that is yet. I promise to post pictures when I actually make a final product I'm proud of. (And more pictures in general, I realize this thing is starting to read like a text book...) Just not yet. I feel like the victory is not in the final product but the process of actually creating so I'm still happy with my effort. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

On a side note, Jason, his sister Kim and I went and saw Bridesmaids tonight. Wasn't expecting to like it but Kristin Wiig and Maya Rudolph are just amazing. Two ladies I could certainly see myself hanging out with. Remember my weakness for funny people - they certainly fall into that category. The Wilson Phillips dance scene is just classic.

The only unfortunate side effect of the two hours of belly-laughing is that it made me miss my girlfriends a ton. Fun fact about me: I have an uncanny ability to take seemingly harmless chick-flicks and turn them into poignant, thought-provoking reflections of my life. So of course I spent the entire car ride home thinking about how terrible I've been at keeping in touch with my best friends and how if I stay on this course I'm going to find myself engaged in a few years with exactly zero bridesmaids. (Sometimes I really enjoy these dramatic implications my brain seems to cook up. I find my irrational side kind of hilarious.) After talking myself down from the ledge (and sending exactly twelve text messages to girl friends about how much I appreciate them in my life...) I resolved myself to simply try harder at letting my friends know I care about them and spending time with them. I think that will do. Still impressed with my over-analytical abilities though. If over-thinking was a skill, pretty sure I could make a career of it.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day and I promise to start posting pictures with some of these posts. It could certainly use some spice.

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