Sunday, May 13, 2012

a lesson from mom

I started writing this post about my mother and the infinite ways in which she is the most amazing woman on the planet. (Okay, I KNOW other people say that very same thing and write it on coffee mugs and stuff, but it's a tragedy they haven't met my mother because they would understand how foolish they are running around calling other people the most amazing women in the world when it's so obviously my mom. Seriously, how embarrassing for them.)

Well anyway, I started by saying all of that but none of it seemed to come across as sincerely and specifically as I intended and so it didn't really convey just how deeply blessed I feel to have my mom as well, my mom. So instead of listing off the million little things that she has taught me (though they are of supreme importance in my life and certainly deserve to be recognized), I've decided to use my single Mother's Day post to tell you just one value that my mother instilled in me.

I came across this quote last week and the first thing that immediately popped into my head was - "This is the story of my childhood." If I could boil my appreciation for my mother down to one simple sentence (an impossible task, but hypothetically let's assume it could be done), this is what it would be.

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When I was kid, we didn't always have the coolest clothes, the best toys, or the most impressive house. But we had clothes. And we had toys. And we had a house. A house that was full of unconditional love, endless encouragement, tough lessons, home-cooked meals and a dinner table full of laughter. When I think about my childhood, there isn't one second where I think of the things I didn't have (though I'm sure there were moments when that was all my mom could think about.) The reason those things don't ever cross my mind is because my mom taught me how to be happy anywhere, with anything. When I had a problem or felt disappointment, she was always there to shed light on the silver lining (and she still does.)

Hopefully if there is anything you've learned about me through reading my posts, it's that I pursue happiness restlessly and passionately. It is the thing that I continue to strive for in every decision, every day and every moment. That's not to say I always find it, but it is the compass that tells me where my next footstep should land.

My mom is the one that taught me that (among so many other things.)

She conditioned me to find the happiness in any situation regardless of the circumstance, which is the single most important thing that gives me purpose in my life - to live happily, anywhere with anything.

So thanks Mom, for being the most amazing woman in the world (I'm sure everyone is going to mail you their mugs now.) Your shining light and deep heart has made me who I am. And though we may not have had the best of things, we always made the best of things.

I love you, and Happy Mother's Day!

(And for everyone's craft-gawking eyes, a nice little canvas quotable I drew up for Mother's Day - my apologies for the terrible photography. Have a wonderful day with your moms and shower them with ridiculous amounts of love!)