Tuesday, May 1, 2012

we bought a zoo

Okay, I lied. We didn't buy a zoo. But can we talk about what a terrible title for a film that was? Oh what's that, it was a book first? That just means it's even more remarkable that someone, somewhere along the line didn't say, Hey, this isn't a title. It's a sentence from a children's book. Can you imagine if Titanic would have been titled "We Sank A Ship." Hardly the same effect. Let's get a little more creative here, people!

Matt Damon, you're better than this.
ScarJo, feel free to keep doing B movies so I don't have to see
your bosoms on the big screen with my boyfriend sitting next to me.
So we didn't buy a zoo but we did go to a zoo yesterday. The San Diego Zoo to be exact. (Did I mention we're in San Diego on vacation? We're in San Diego on vacation for the week. I'm terrible at introductions.) For those of you that did not have the distinct privilege of being completely bombarded by my Instagram feed courtesy of Facebook and Twitter, I've also posted all my pictures below. I blame Instagram and those damn filters for making me think I'm a talented photographer and henceforth perpetuating my compulsive posting. Whatever, I'm not even sorry that I took a photo at just about every exhibit we saw. My friend Jason (different than my boyfriend Jason... I didn't want you guys to think I temporarily demoted him) told me that he felt like he was right there at the zoo the whole day thanks to my pictures and that's all I needed to hear to feel no guilt whatsoever about my posting overload. SO... expect more of that.

All of Jason's family members are actually big zoo people. (Now that I actually write it out, calling them "zoo people" seems a little silly. Like there is actually an entire group of people that are obsessed with zoos. Which I don't think is true. But maybe I'm wrong. Perhaps I lived a sheltered childhood. Dog people, cat people, zoo people... doesn't sound that strange I suppose. Okay but now that I read it again it sounds like they're actually this other secret breed of people that live only in zoos. I picture them kind of like cave people but riding elephants and camels after all the zoo-goers go home. Which is a visual that is currently giving me quite the chuckle. Okay brain, let's reel this thing back in...)

Well anyway they all love animals, and so there is nothing the family enjoys more than visiting the zoo together. I, of course, am thrilled to be roped into this tradition because frolicking around a park full of curious creatures is endlessly entertaining to me. (I'm also kind of a nerd and LOVE reading all the little plaques outside the exhibits. Like, as in, I kind of get angry when people are standing in front of them and I can't read along while I gaze at the animals. For instance, first my mind was blown when I was introduced to this little critter, the Hyrax, an animal I did not know even existed. But upon reading his little plaque I found out that the Hyrax's closest DNA relative is the elephant! Wait, what? An elephant?! You better believe I'm keeping that sucker in my back pocket for a Trivial Pursuit question later on in life. Can't wait.)

Did you ever see a group more excited to be at a zoo? Nope.
So between the knowledge bombs, the zoo churros (see below) and seeing some of my favorite animals like the giraffes and the gerenuks, yesterday was pretty much an awesome day. Today we're heading to  La Jolla (which I've been annoyingly referring to as "la holla" as in holla at your gurrrl or "la jolla" as in Angelina Jol-la. Yeah, I'm a tourist alright...) Apparently they have this awesome cove where these seals hang out and play. You can pretty much guarantee that I'll be blowing up your Instagram feeds with seal pics today (or yesterday, or twelve days ago, depending on when you read this.)

Hope your week is off to a great start, and sorry for rubbing it in that I'm on vacation. I can be a real jerk sometimes.

Please note: I didn't actually write down the names of the animals as we went along (come on, I'm not THAT nerdy), so some of these captions are best guesses. If any of you readers happen to also be zoo keepers (eh hem, I'm looking at you Brittany Sonke) then feel free to correct me in the comments below.

Devoured not one but TWO delicious zoo churros after I was instructed that it was a family tradition to consume these cinnamony bits of heaven. This is a tradition I approve of.

Super cool aboriginal art outside the koala enclosure. Love the colors. 

Why does this guy immediately remind me of the movie Aladdin? Also, sir, you have just a little something right... on the side.. by your nose... oh forget it.

North Chinese Leopard lookin like a wise old man.

"No king, no king, la la la la la la." Name that movie and we can be friends for life. 

Siberian Lynx. Imagine cleaning that kitty litter. No thanks. 

The position of this Snow Leopard had me cracking up. Just flattened out on his rock.

Two lazy leopards.

Large female panda. Fun fact: the female panda is only fertile for two days out of the entire year. The keeper informed us that despite this small window, her squat little man of a mate has never missed an opportunity to mate, which I found fascinating and quite impressive.

This is her mate and you can't tell here but he's actually spralled out leaning up against a rock. He's much smaller than the female and kind of rotund, so when I look at him I picture that bamboo shoot as a stubby little cigar. 

I always felt this blog was lacking a little underwater hippo butt.
In case you care about the front end.

My boyfriend's hands are the size of a gorilla's.

Mine, on the other hand, are not. 

What do you think he keeps in those little face pouches? Orangutan loose change? Pogs? Breath mints? 
Any Meerkat Manor fans in the house?

Sleepy kitty.

Found this sign that will only be appreciated truly by the Game of Thrones fans that read this blog. (Although considering the fact that this is supposed to be a crafting/lifestyle blog, that number is probably dramatically low.)

Koalas. FYI they may look cute but they can be mean, angry little suckers.

One of my favorite animals ever! Gerenuks are the only gazelle-like animal to stand up on their hind legs like that. They're so playful and cute!

Is this animal related to Plaxico? Because this is how Plax sleeps every night. In a little bean. 

Excuse me sir, can you spare a Coke?

Poor little Sloth Bear. In the bear world I imagine they're known for their "great personalities." 

I honest to goodness though these Grizzly Bears were making out. 

And then this happened and I thought, Well they're either playing or my idea of making out is FAR too tame.

And.. of course the obligatory couple pic by the giraffes. I love that the one behind Jason looks like it's posing too.

We ended the trip with dinner at La Puerta (delicious Mexican food) and some margaritas/sangria!

Not too shabby for a Monday!


  1. ..and here I was thinking that a Dire Wolf  was a made up species.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge :)

  2. I thought the same thing, Veronica! I guess they're extinct because that sign was by this archaeology kids exhibit thingy BUT still... the fact that they existed is pretty cool!