Wednesday, August 22, 2012

my birthday gift to myself

If any of you follow me on Instagram (@ckelso), you're probably acutely aware at this point that last week was my birthday. I was uploading an annoying amount of birthday event documentation, only because I'm TERRIBLE at remembering to take pictures and I wanted to make sure I'd have some permanent memories to look back on one of the best birthdays I've ever had.

From those not so subtle clues you may have also figured out that my unbelievable boyfriend managed to pull off a large-scale birthday surprise by taking me to New York City for two days. I have a long and detailed post in the works for all those interested in that story, but for now I wanted to share a quick little birthday surprise I received on Monday.

You may remember my previous fitness posts about my frustrations to drop pounds despite my major lifestyle changes, or my small victories with the scale a few weeks ago. Let me be the first to say that being fit is not about the number on the scale. It's really not. It's about feeling strong and being proud in knowing that you're working for the body you're creating.

But I'm also a girl. And girls look at the scale. We just do. I mentioned previously that there was a certain weight bracket that I had yet to break into - actually one I had never even SEEN on myself before. So yesterday morning, I woke up, walked over the scale in our bathroom, and.......

Please ignore the blue nail polish and the desperate need for a pedicure. That's kind of my signature look.
I was so excited I made Jason run and get my phone to take a photo. I didn't want to get off just in case it was a fluke. But then I woke up this morning, climbed up there again, and the same thing!

Again, I know it's lame to hold on to every pound like that but I'm just so happy and proud to see a number on the scale I've never even seen before because it's validation of the months of hard work I'm putting in.

The best part is actually that trying on clothes is actually fun again (albeit dangerous though because now I can easily drop some heavy cash on shopping. Isn't fall right around the corner? I think I need some cool weather staples, don't you think....)

Anyway, this is my birthday gift to myself. I feel like I'm starting off 24 on the right poorly-manicured foot. Look out for that NYC post soon, and thank you to everyone who made this birthday one for the record books. I love you all!

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