Sunday, August 5, 2012

raid my closet with threadflip

And the award for my newest social-media-shiny-object-websession goes to... Threadflip!

I first heard about Threadflip over on J's Everyday Fashion. (J posts daily outfits inspired by magazine/celebrity/high fashion photos that she recreates using items from her own closet. It's fun to see what different combinations she comes up with.) The other day she posted about how she was selling 25 items from her closet using a new site called Threadflip. So of course I had to check it out.

Threadflip is a site where you can consign your clothes and shop other people's gently-used fashions for super affordable prices. Oh, and it has a well-designed, easily searchable Pinterest-like cascading interface. HOW HAS THIS NOT EXISTED BEFORE?!!

Back when I was living in Durham, NC after graduation, a friend of mine Aubrey (you can find her at Those Darn Eckersons) organized this amazing little shindig known as a "clothes swap" with some girls from our work. Apparently this was a seasonally reoccurring event where the girls would get together, bring the clothes from their closets that they were ready to part with, nom on yummy food and drink ample amounts of wine, and simply swap clothes with each other. Everyone a) got to free up space in their closets taken up by those items that were perfectly fine but that were no longer "new" to them and b) got to walk away with fun new items giving that ever-so-wonderful retail therapy rush without the dollar signs necessary. It was a win-win! After partaking in this event once I always thought to myself that I wanted to organize one here in Jacksonville, but never got around to it. Threadflip is the online equivalent!

So I decided it was time to do a little cleaning out of the ol' closet. So many of my clothes I've kept because they are really nice, high-quality items and I just wasn't ready to give them away for free even though I knew good and well I'd never wear them. A lot of those items are from my business/business casual work wardrobe that I no longer have a use for. (Um... if I put on trousers or a pencil skirt to walk upstairs to my desk, I'm fairly certain Jason would laugh hysterically. Thankfully my work attire now consists of t-shirts and jeans... or shorts. A welcomed change.)

I came up with about 20 items - including cocktail dresses, pencil skirts, tops, trousers and jeans - that I'm willing to part with. If you're interested, check out my closet on Threadflip and let me know if anything catches your eye! And don't judge me for a) being a terrible model and b) having a very inconsistent sense of style... these items span across many different fashion phases of my life.

(Feel free to "ask a question" under an item too if you want to haggle... I'm totally open to selling most items super cheap - I just want to see them go to an appreciative new home!)

// Do you have any new websites that have you all excited? How do you feel about consigning your clothes rather than giving them away? //

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