Monday, January 21, 2013

my first alt | last minute biz card holder

First off, I have no idea what I was thinking telling myself I was going to post during our trip to Las Vegas. Yeah, because Vegas is such a relaxing, tons-of-down-time vacation spot. Riggghhht. Apparently I'm more delusional than I thought. Not only was I running around all week taking money from casinos (but seriously, I actually won money. It's kind of a miracle considering I'm the unluckiest person that ever lived and now I have this completely unwarranted perception of myself as a BlackJack prodigy), but I was also a busy bee trying to finalize my NEW BLOG DESIGN with my developer from across the country.

That's right - it's finally here! I haven't been lying to you all when I've been dropping hints for oh... say... THE PAST SIX MONTHS. It's definitely been a long time coming, but it was a learning process for me and it has been a ton of fun seeing the design evolve. I think the final product will still be a colorful, fun place to visit but just kicked up a notch. Stay tuned here tomorrow because hopefully I'll be confirming the date the new site will go live.

Now on to an equally fun and exciting event coming up this week - it's Alt Summit! As some of you may know, I'll be attending a blogging conference - nay, *THE* blogging conference - in Salt Lake City from Wednesday through Saturday where I'll hopefully gather great tips to making this blog even better and meet fabulous creative women (and men?) that will inspire me. This is something I started saving for a year ago and decided to do all on my own, so it feels amazing that it's finally just days away.

Speaking of it being days away... my new business cards came in just in the nick of time! You may recall my round up the other week of some last minute DIY biz cards. Luckily I was able to get mine printed in time, and they definitely give you a sneak peek at the new look of clumsy crafty happy. I think my favorite part is the square shape!

(Shout out to 3 Rings Printing here in Jax that gave me a great deal, and Madalyn of House of M for the recommendation.)

Well, now that I have my cards, I was thinking to myself, how do I keep them all straight and nice in my bag when I'm at Alt? I can't just throw them in a pocket because they'll get all bent and scuffed up. So... I decided to get creative.

When I was unpacking the last of Jason's and my things from Vegas, I noticed Jason's plastic Q-tip holder was the perfect square shape for my cards. It was small, opened and closed easily, and I even liked the fact that it was clear because you could see the cards through it. But, let's be honest, it was kind of... blah. So I thought I'd give it just a little bit of personality. I had some stickers on hand from some of the many fun care packages sent by Alt Summit and various sponsors over the past months, so a few of those, some gold washi tape and... voila!

I mean, it's not mind blowing by any means, but it's simple, functional and, my personal favorite part, it was completely free to make! I think whipping this baby out to hand out my cards could also prove to be a nice little conversation piece when meeting people. It's a great representation of what this blog is all about - not perfectly styled DIYs or craft projects that are made to look like a million bucks. Just simple projects for the sake of the happiness that comes with making something.( Which is why I adore that sticker!)

Anyway, hope to have a confirmation on the launch date of the new site soon, so touch base tomorrow for that. Meanwhile, I'll be stressing out about how to fit a million outfit options into one little carryon. Thanks for reading, as always!

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