Wednesday, June 8, 2011

are we there yet?

I hate flying. I really do. But you know what I like? Writing. So writing while flying I guess kind of evens things out. Yes, I'm feeling quite neutral at the moment. And neutral is certainly better than anxious.

Now before you go throwing your statistics at me about how my chances of dying in a plane crash are minuscule compared to a car accident or freak camel-riding accident (any Real Housewives of New York fans in the house?), don't bother. I'm not afraid of flying because I think I'm going to die (seriously, you all are morbid...) I more or less just hate the feeling of flying. I'm very sensitive to changes in pressure so my stomach feels like it's doing flips when we change altitudes (aka right now, EEP!) Plus when I'm up here I think too much about how planes really shouldn't work and something made of metal this heavy shouldn't be able to just float in midair. With 50 people on it. You planes and your black magic. Not to mention accessing the internet to write this post right now. I mean, how is that even possible? (ps. What is the internet anyway? Oh no, it's started...I'm thinking too much again...)

Anyway, as I'm sitting on this plane I can't help but be taken back to the many, many Friday evenings I spent on planes headed from North Carolina to Jacksonville. I was working up there while Jason (and my family) was in Jax and we were doing the long distance thing. I remember how I hated rushing out of the office to skidaddle to the airport and how I despised eating (and paying for) overpriced airport food and how bored I was during the ridiculously long layovers. But I also remember how happy it made me when I finally got to see Jason. Even though I knew it would only be for a day and a half each time, that was what "dating" was to us for a long time. I'm so thankful I had that time to live life out on my own if even just for a short while, but I'm more thankful that life is different for us now. I believe that life is as happy and full as the people that are around you, and I now get to surround myself with the people that mean the most to me. Even now, as I count the seconds until I'm on the ground again, I step back and realize how truly lucky I am.


Okay, I have a sidenote. (What? Like you weren't expecting it?) Can we talk about whoever decided airport bathrooms should be just like normal bathrooms. Like really designers? We haven't come up with a better solution than stalls that are standard sized with doors that open IN? Yeah okay TSA, if you don't want me to leave my luggage unattended, how about you make it so I can fit my suitcase in a bathroom stall. I'd prefer not to look like I'm performing some sort of magic trick as I stuff myself into a small box. Hell, I don't know, chain my luggage to a wall when I walk in the bathroom. Don't care. Just an alternative to what we currently got going on because it aint working. That is all. Onward to Michigan!


  1. I love this post because it makes me think of the time we flew to Chicago together with AdSoc. Not going to lie I'm pretty sure all of us had changed our iTunes to our small collections of slightly religious/Christian tunes and started to say a little prayer. Lol good times. Enjoy Grand Rapids. Wish me luck - James and I fly to Ohio the week after next. I don't mind flying but after my last 24 HOURS stint of flying I think I'm a little less than excited.

  2. May or may not have Enya on repeat when I fly by myself. :) Good luck on your trek and hope I get to catch up with you soon! Thanks for reading!