Wednesday, June 8, 2011

target, how i love thee

Preface: this is not a post about my personal style (if you can even call it that.) If I was forced to categorize "my look" I guess I'd say it's Just-rolled-out-of-bed chic or yes-I-realize-it's-just-a-t-shirt-but-did-you-see-this-big-shiny-necklace-so-it-totally-passes-as-an-outfit (umm... InStyle magazine's words?) No, I'm not dishing out fashion advice. This post is rather about my love affair with a tiny mom n' pop retailer named Target and how fun it is to treat yourself to a little retail therapy every now and again. So...

Tomorrow after work I'm headed to Grand Rapids, Michigan, for a lovely little four-day vacation. Jason's been up there since Sunday promoting local businesses in the area and as part of the sponsorships we have a ton of fun stuff planned around the city. As much as I was looking forward to my vacation being of the more relaxing type (ie. sleeping in and doing nothing... did I mention I like sleep?), I'm actually pretty glad it's going to be busy. You don't make memories laying on the beach people! (Well, depends on how you got there I suppose...) 

I'm also excited about it because we took the same trip this time last year (we had only been dating about a month at that point), so it's pretty cool to go back being in a completely different place in our relationship. Fun fact: last time while we were up there we rented a Jeep Wrangler and had a blast driving around everywhere in it. Wranglers inherently make driving feel like an adventure. (Now that I think about it, driving around with the top half of your car basically missing is in fact an adventure, so I guess that explains that.) Anyhooter, Jason sent me a text last night to show me he rented a Wrangler again for this year's trip. He can be quite the thoughtful fellow sometimes. Can't wait to get my Wrangle on!  

Before heading up there tomorrow I thought, what could possibly make vacation even more fun? And the answer clearly is: new clothes. Every girl knows that when it comes time to pack for a trip, you go over your wardrobe in your head and every last article of clothing you own suddenly seems "not quite right" for whatever occasions you have planned. And I'm no exception to these feminine mind games, hence the shopping trip. So off I went to the mall after having dinner with my mom (she's a doll by the way.)

First, let's get a few things squared away, I purchase new clothing like once every three months. And even then I buy maybe two things, one of which I will likely return due to buyer's remorse and the other of which I will wear until it has holes in it. (And even then I'll convince myself it's a part of the item's charm and will continue to rock it well beyond its recommended lifespan.) So, frankly, I feel as though I deserve to treat myself every now and again. This is one of those times. 

Now that my guilt is absolved, can I just say - I am so pleased with my purchases! Check them out below in all their glory. And the best part - I got it all for under $90! Target, how I love thee! Let's take inventory, shall we? 

- White summer scarf (I'm obsessed with scarves no matter the season and white is just so versatile.)
- Coral and white stripey cotton day dress (might get demoted to cover-up but cute nonetheless. You should know I also have an irresistible affinity for stripes.)
- White sleeveless light tank (turquoise necklace already purchased, but it's my favesies and I'm planning to wear it with the tank and some khaki shorts.)
- Teal drapey pocket tank (one of my favorite items - been trying to find one of these that actually looks good on me and so happy I finally found it. I was beginning to think you had to be skin and bones to pull this off, but alas you do not. Also looks good with a skinny black belt and black tank underneath, just sayin'.)
- One-shoulder black casual-ish dress (I decided I'm gonna be brave and try out the one-shoulder look. Not sure it's my thing but I think it's really cute and I want to at least try it. Likely that Jason will laugh at me, especially because there are ruffles involved, but whatever. It's was too cute not to give a chance.)
- And finally, the light-brown double-wrap-around skinny belt (I feel like I just described a figure-skating trick.) I love it. Thinking of really pulling a crazy move and wearing it WITH the black number. Black and brown? I don't even recognize myself anymore. I'm a new woman!)

So that's the loot. For under $90. What the heck are you Target people doing to me! (Sidenote: I'd also like to say that I appreciate that the Target I went to had excellent dressing room lighting. You know what I'm talking about when a store has the grossest, most harsh lighting ever and all the sudden trying on clothes becomes the most negatively emotional experience you've ever had. That was not the case here, so whoever carefully thought that out - congratulations, your self-esteem-boosting lighting led to the purchase of several items today.)

Today's shopping excursion also led to a few new discoveries about myself that I felt were amusing enough to share:

1. Apparently stepping on my tippy toes when I try clothes on makes them look better on me. Or so my brain thinks. Seriously, I have a habit of doing this whether the outfit requires heels or not. Without fail. I think I also slightly raise one eyebrow. Because apparently I have to see what the clothes will look like when I'm walking around in my daily life with flexed calves and one raised eyebrow (my standard posture, of course.)

2. Aviators make everything look more fashionable on me. Purchased a pair last week and in the dressing room whenever I felt as though I wasn't fashionable enough (ie trying on the one-shoulder dress), I just slid those puppies on and suddenly I felt like I could pull it off. Magic. 

3. I have an unhealthy obsession with the colors teal and coral. Check out my purchases and my current blog color scheme. I never get tired of these colors. Can't help it. 

Okay, that's all for now. Wish me luck on my travels tomorrow - I LOATHE flying so not looking forward to the transit part. Maybe I'll craft a post from the air to distract myself. The blog saves the day again! 

Good night folks, and happy shopping. 


  1. Love everything! I shop at Target all the time and have to admit, have looked at that teal top many a time! Maybe I need to just try it on already. Anyway, I hope you have an awesome trip, and enjoy all the new looks! ;)

  2. Yes! Big fan of the teal top. Makes me feel all slinky and sassy. You should definitely at least try it on. Why the heck not, right? And thanks for the well wishes. Now all I have to worry about is picking out what to wear when - so many options, and as you may have read, "decisions" are just not my strong suit. :)