Monday, June 6, 2011

put your crafty pants on: social media cork tiles

It's a miracle! I actually finished a project! Well...kind of.

I was beginning to think I made a mistake including "crafty" in the title of my blog. Yep, clumsy and happy probably would have covered it nicely. I was also starting to get worried that the "sissypants" comments were going to start popping up (if confused, see last paragraph of this post.) Thankfully though, I've had some ideas for a while now and this weekend I was determined to put my crafty pants on (As you'll notice, I wear a lot of pants.)

First, though, let me just say, today was a perfectly simple Sunday. Jason and I woke up around 8:30 to get an early start (and by Jason and I woke up, of course I mean Jason woke up on time and I propped myself up into a deceivingly alert posture while proceeding to shut my eyes for another 30 minutes. TOTALLY fooled him.) We then decided to head to an early movie (like 10:30 early, yes this showing actually exists) because we were both dying to see X-Men First Class but were too busy all weekend.

Quick tangent: Can I just say there are few things in life that make me as happy as Sunday morning movies. Kind of lame I know (ok fine! a lot lame) but there's just something about it that makes it feel like a treat. It's never packed, so it somehow manages to seem more special in a way. I guess my brain expects that when I exit a movie it should be dark outside, so when the bright warmth of the afternoon all-but-blinds me on the way out, it's such a pleasant surprise. Anyway, few people enjoy going to movies more than Jason and I do so it was a lovely little day-date for us.

On the way back from the movie I asked him to stop by the craft store with me because I really wanted to at least start a gosh-darn art project before the weekend was over. (I knew Jason was leaving for Michigan at 4ish and I was already pre-plotting my evening craft party.) We walked into Joann's and while I had a few staple items to pick up in my head, I thoroughly enjoy the process of wandering around a craft store and waiting to be inspired. You know, letting the unfinished bird houses 'speak to me' and what not. Normally this little exploration phase might last a good 20 minutes, but if you've been paying attention you may remember one important detail: the boy was in toe. Wish you all could have seen him following me around with a puzzled expression as I darted from aisle to aisle. Finally he asks, If you tell me what's on your list, maybe I can help you grab some things. Oh Jas. That's cute. You think I have a list.

Just as I was passing the beautiful assortment of craft papers I remembered I had four cork tiles at home that were collecting dust. I've been meaning to do something with them for my office ever since I started my latest job (oh ya know, just six months ago) but haven't thought of an idea quite inspired enough. (By the way, my cube and desk at work are painfully bare and I see you people that walk by giving it a quick scan and I just know you're thinking, How long have you been here, again? Okay people, I get it, my cube is boring!)

In an effort to add a little personality, I thought it would be fun to do something with social media icons. I am a "Social Media Manager" after all (ugh, sometimes I hate that title - it can have a thick air of self-importance to it, but I try to ignore it), and while it may seem cliche and predictable, there's something whimsical and alluring to me about social media icons. I love that they're different colors with different personalities but they have a common design aesthetic to them. And you can translate them to a million different mediums and styles. Just plain fun.

So instead of painting them on small square canvases (a series I thought of doing a while back) I decided to make something a bit more utilitarian and dust off the cork tiles. While walking past the scrapbooking section, I realized I really wanted to incorporate some fun patterns to add some visual interest (plus I'm always looking for an excuse to buy those darn craft papers. The way they're organized so neatly and by color just draws me in like an irresistibly intricate rainbow.)

So I did just that. And below is what I came up with! Doesn't quite do them justice not hanging on the wall with fun pictures and notes hanging all over them (fyi: strongly considered planting fake ones all Pottery-Barn-catalogue-style. You've seen them... "Bobby's Doc. Appt. @ 9:15!" written in suspiciously perfect handwriting. Almost went there for effect but refrained. You're welcome.)

So there are installments #1 and #2, Facebook and Twitter. Still have two tiles so may do two more but I'm pretty happy with the turn out. The camera/lighting/my terrible photography doesn't do them their justice, but I'll try to update the post with a before and after shot from the office.

Finally I can revel in the accomplishment of actually getting a craft post up. Hooray! Perhaps I'll be able to keep up with this whole "blog" thing after all.

I'm leaving for Grand Rapids, Michigan on Wednesday to meet up with Jason. That trip will no doubt provide some thoughtful fodder for me, so expect a post on that trip. And, as always, I appreciate anyone out there reading and continually supporting my ever-hopeless parenthetical addiction. Many thanks.


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  2. I just realized, Me and you are so similar! We both wear pants! Yay!

    Oh and the whole watching movies on a Sunday morning too. Totally agree

  3. Really cute! I keep my "mistake" tile coasters at the office and my real ones at home.

    I kinda want to do Pantone chip coasters now after seeing your craft. Can't wait to see your other two :)

  4. @Leon - so many pants!!

    @Liz - Coasters are definitely on my list and LOVE the Pantone idea. I actually came across these DIY magnets the other day and want to make them sooo badly!