Wednesday, April 18, 2012

when migraines attack

Ladies and gentleman, in a stroke of unbelievable luck, I have developed a migraine. Like, a BAD migraine.

As a result, the tiny elves in my head that I pay to write my blog posts have unfortunately packed it in for the evening. (Those lazy asses. They must be Gen Y elves. No work ethic at all. Somebody remind me to hire better elves!)

Anyway, I promised myself I wouldn't leave you hanging, so in lieu of a proper post or really any coherent thought at all (the elves tangent being a perfect example), I'm going to attempt to distract you with adorable pictures of my fur child, Plaxico.

By the end you'll hardly even notice that I didn't write much at all. It's the blogger equivalent of a magician's sleight of hand - Look at this shiny thing over here (Plax photos) and you won't even notice me stealing your wallet (er, leaving you postless.) A winning strategy, no doubt.

(Sidenote: I openly admit that I googled the phrase "slight of hand" because I had no idea what the real word was in that phrase. Turns out it is "sleight." I did not know this word existed. Thank you, Google, for making me realize yet again I've been using idiomatic phrases with no real comprehension of the words that they're comprised of. See: "beck and call.")

And with that, I'll be spending the rest of my evening in the dark, popping ibuprofen, begging Jason to massage my temples. There will also probably be dark chocolate involved but that has little to do with my headache.

And with that, I give you... my shiny object:

I like to think of this shot as his "serious pose" in the cover spread of Doggy GQ magazine. Those piercing eyes, that casually placed paw. He's a pro. 

"No, you hang up... NO, you hang up..."

Thinking of switching up my look. Is the purple too much? 


Have your people call my people. 

Did you say... walk?

Mom, be honest, do I look like a dweeb?

What can I say, he's photogenic like his father.


  1. Sorry you have a migraine, my love! I had a bad headache earlier too for some reason...but it's all gone now. Hopefully yours will be soon, too. Or perhaps you just needed a little quiet time to get pampered. :) Love all the Plax photos, but the enthusiasm in the beach day one really made me giggle.

  2. He's such a ham! Feeling much better today, thanks for the well wishes! I think I just needed a night to turn it in early. Feeling more energized today and the ideas are flowing - hooray!