Monday, October 22, 2012

loving it lately | tribal triangles

So here's the deal. I'm well aware that the whole tribal thing is like sooo two months ago on the blog circuit, but I'm still loving it. BIG TIME. Which coincidentally is the only requirement for an appearance in my loving it lately series. Life's good when you make the rules, right?

More specifically I'm loving the triangle tribal look. It's amazing how a simple pattern of triangles can give off such a distinct vibe. It's rugged, yet modern. Earthy, yet classic.

If the geometric trend and the tribal trend had a baby, it would be this blog post. So without further ado, enjoy my baby! (Such a way with words, I know.) Here are some of my tribal triangle favorites.

1. Not all who wander are lost via Society6 on Urban Outfitters | Love the typography, photo choice and tribal elements! (Thanks to my friend Meagan for the source link - you rule.)

2. Lovely tattered rug via Old Brand New Blog | I picture this the entry way of a mountain cabin. Give me some hot chocolate and a heavy blanket and I'm good to go!

3. Sponged walls via Vintage Revivals | How amazing is this wall treatment? Simple sponged triangles but what a statement.

4. Patterned print via Betty & Dupree | Really like how this pattern appears random but is actually symmetrical. I want this to be on the cover of one of my many notebooks. 

5. Handmade dress via Thief and Bandit on Etsy | If this wasn't totally out of my price range I'd buy it immediately. Love the black + green, and the hand-drawn feel of the print.

6. "Southwestern Scandanavian" wallpaper via Design for Mankind | Obsessed with the wood ceiling/patterned wallpaper combo. 

7. Quilt via Delightfully Tacky | Okay, so I know it's more quilty than a tribal print, but I still think it accomplishes the look. And I totally want to snuggle up in this bed for a night.

What are you guys loving lately? Fans of the tribal look or are you already over it?


  1. Love this roundup Caroline. 2, 5, and 6 are my faves.

  2. Thanks! Ugh, just looking at that darn #2 again - I want to run away to a cabin for the weekend. We need to a plan a blogger retreat or something! :)

  3. yep. blogger retreat for sure!