Tuesday, October 23, 2012

this conversation actually happened

YOU GUYS. I didn't expect to hit you guys with a double post today, but the events that just occurred must be shared with the world or else I think I might explode. Let me start by saying... why is it that every government or state-related website that you have to use to get all this real-world, grown-up BS taken care of is an absolute nightmare? Things like changing my driver's license address and checking on my loan status should not require a how-to guide.

Anyway, while I was thinking about it, I thought I'd double-check to make sure that my electronic transfer account on my loan repayment was correct since I just got a new debit card (mine expired) and I didn't want there to be an issue with the funds coming out of my account. Little did I know I should have set aside an hour of my life to tackle such a difficult task. I'll spare you all the details and the subsequent frustration, and just share with you a real conversation that just took place. I think it perfectly sums up just how backwards all these bureaucratic tasks are that we have to undergo regularly.

After an hour (AN HOUR!) of trying to navigate several websites to look up info on my student loan, and two customer service calls, one to the Federal Aid office which led me to the other site of my actual lender, this is the exchange that happened (as well as my inner monologue which I politely kept to myself):

Me: "...so you're telling me there's no way for me to simply see online how much money I've paid thus far, and how much I have left to go on the repayment of my loans?" (FYI SIR, THIS IS PRETTY MUCH THE ONE THING PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW WHEN THEY COME TO YOUR WEBSITE.)

Loan rep: "...umm.. no ma'am. But I CAN send you an Account Summary showing each of your payments plus your balance."

Me: "Sure, let's do that." (Still weird that I can't see that specifically online, but I suppose an emailed PDF will get me what I need.)

Loan rep: "Okey doke Ms. Winegeart, that should be arriving in 7-10 days."

(I'm sorry... 10 days? Please say your network is just really slow. Please tell me you're not referring to a letter in the mail. It's hard enough for me to remember that I have a physical mailbox.)

Me:  "You mean there's no way to send that electronically?"

Loan rep: "That's a good question..." (umm... damn right it is. It's a great question! A question someone in your office might have considered say... 5 years ago?)

... (long pause... wait for it... wait for it...) "um... I can fax it to you."

You guys, I CAN FAX IT TO YOU? He was 100% serious. I didn't want to be mean but I literally giggled. In what universe do I have a fax machine? Do you guys have fax machines?

Me: "No sir, that won't be necessary. Thanks for your help."

So listen, I know this was a little hostile. And typically I'm all sunshine and puppies because I try to stay as happy and mellow as possible on a regular basis. But I'm also human. And that whole scenario was enough to make me want to pour a glass several glasses of wine at 3:30 on a Tuesday.

I'm alone in this? Have you guys experienced just how difficult it is to accomplish these adult things? Please promise me that a few of you fellow Millennials out there where fix this somehow.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go meditate. After that, I plan to wait with bated breath for 7-10 days so that I can manage my loan repayment.



  1. That's pretty typical - try calling the IRS... o_O

  2. The people at the IRS are actually really nice. Ask me how I know. Also I think your response was fairly mild. hugs, Katie Brown.