Thursday, September 6, 2012

copycraft: patterned petals art piece

How about a quick and dirty art project for your Thursday? Something to get you motivated to craft this weekend? (That's usually what it takes for me to get my craftypants on anyway.)

A few weekends ago I was walking around Hobby Lobby trying to get INSPIRED (please note: that was typed with sarcastic self-mockery) and I found myself thumbing through pieces in the art section. (I swear the ladies that work there must think I'm lost the way I pace back and forth and back and forth to different sections.) Jason and I aren't on the hunt for any piece in particular for the house but sometimes I love to see what the newest trends in the pre-framed art world are. (Anyone that goes by the Decor section in Target knows that there are most definitely trends. Hello, "live, laugh, love" wall squares. I see you, street signs from major cities trying to pose as modern art.)

I don't mean to knock those pieces if any of you guys have them - art is one of those things you can't just judge people for. It's totally subjective. I myself just tend to like things that are a little more unusual, which is why I loved coming across this gem.

Okay first let's get a few things straight. 1. YES, I did take this picture with my iPhone in Hobby Lobby. (Can you imagine what the Hobby Lobby ladies were thinking at that point? Probably that I was in fact NOT lost but actually doing research for some sort of highly orchestrated craft store robbery). 2. NO, those aren't my Disney Princesses stickers. (Don't I wish). 3. YES, that price tag says $129.99! I mean, I understand it's a pretty large piece but $130? No, thank you. Which is why I decided to head home and make one for my self.

I would also like to present further evidence of my obsession with this style, by showing you a few pins that I've accumulated over the past year:

For my recreation, I wanted something smaller that I could add to the gallery wall I'm trying to accumulate in my studio. So on the way home from Hobby Lobby I stopped by Michaels for my FAVORITE type of craft shopping - scrapbook paper! (Seriously so, when I imagine my version of heaven, it looks exactly like the scrapbook paper aisle at Michaels.) Luckily I found a book of 5"x5" reversible patterned paper for $4.99, which was perfect. (I didn't want to buy individual sheets because I knew I was only going to have small petals. The booklet prevents you from wasting a ton of paper (aka money) and it also does all of the color coordination for you!) The colors were vibrant and the patterns were the perfect diversity of big/medium/bold/subtle for the effect I wanted.

So here's what I did -

1 // Start with your array of patterned paper and pick out a pattern you want for the middle of your flower. Cut out a circle the size that makes sense for how big you want your flower to be.

2 // Continue selecting patterns you want to add to your flower, starting from the middle and working your way out. Cut out simple circles or petal-like shapes from your paper and lay them out behind your previous "petals." Try to vary your colors and patterns to your liking and ave fun with it!

3 // Once you have the pattern that you like, start hot gluing them to each other. This part is slightly tricky because you have to do it backwards. Pick up the center from your layout and start with the most immediate circle of petals around the center. I just put a few dabs of hot glue on the back of the circle and then positioned the petals behind it as close to my layout as possible. I also really liked the thick border look around each petal so I hand painted the finished product with a white craft paint and put it on a piece of paper I lightly painted with a mix of yellow and white paint. It gave the background sort of an aged look which I really like.

4 // Let your paint dry and frame it up!

My frame was a two-pack at Target for $8 - so my entire project pretty much cost less than $15. Can't beat that!

What do you think of my knock-off compared to the original?

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