Wednesday, September 19, 2012

instacity | columbia

We only got to stop in Columbia for a short while on our roadtrip, but I decided I really like it as a city. I visited a few times for Gator games when I was in college, so the city brought back some great memories. Here are a few little moments from our time there - I love how colorful these shots are!

(from left to right)
1. A rainbow of spatulas might just be enough to make me want to bake. 
2. When I was little, one of my favorite parts of traveling "up north" was stopping to buy Cheerwine. I consider it some sort of southern delicacy. 
3. Pretty sure I have no need for a "floursack" but I almost bought a few just because they were colorful and cute. 
4. We happened to pass by the Village Idiot, a bar we frequented back on our college trips. Let's just say it lives up to its name. 
5. If you're ever in Columbia, eat at The Gourmet Shop. Get the chicken salad croissant and the pesto pasta side. Thank me later. 
6. I have an obsession with jelly beans. These may have been in there for YEARS but I didn't care. Still chased down Jason to get a quarter and happily strolled the streets with a colorful handful of happiness. 
7. Local coffee joint "drip" had a wall full of old postcards from different places. Love the eclectic feel of the photo. Wish I would have gotten postcards from all the cities on our road trip!
8. My day in Columbia ended just as all great days should end - with a delicious Blue Moon. Cheers! 

More snapshots headed your way soon! I've got lots of this roadtrip still to show you guys! Hope you're all enjoying your week - happy hump day!

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