Monday, September 10, 2012

let this be the week | 01

photo uploaded to Pinterest by Laura Corvalan // type by clumsy crafty happy

Happy Monday! Still on the road and having a blast in Atlanta. While I'm out exploring the city, I thought maybe I'd kick off the week with some inspiration for you. 

Mondays are always that time when I try to set my mood for the week and get motivated. I was actually inspired by Megan over at The Fresh Exchange (one of my favorite blogs!) and her "this weekend" posts which always seem to put me in a great mood for the weekend. 

So this week, I think what we should all try to do is see ourselves in an entirely new way. Think you're weak? You're not. You're strong. Think you're scared? Nope, you're fearless. You're creative. You're powerful. You're AWESOME. 

So whatever you think you're not, take another look. You might surprise yourself. 

Now go kick this week in the pants! Whatever you've been wanting to do... do it! 


  1. you are so right!!!! it was inspiration to me along with reminder why I am such a fan of you!!!! I need to hear this today!! thank you!!!!!

  2. i'm so glad, Cindy! I'm a fan of YOU! Thanks as always for reading!