Friday, September 21, 2012

tren-diy | hardware jewelry

Happy Friday, frands! You guys look like you need some fun DIY projects to tackle this weekend. (You also look like you need something to distract you while you pass the last brutal hour and half of your work week. AMIRIGHT?) 

One big trend I've come across lately on Pinterest and various blogs is the use of hardware in making jewelry. Ya know, it's that whole "industrial chic" look. (ps. Don't you just love how pairing anything with the word "chic" makes it a thing. Hipster chic. Shabby chic. I haven't washed my hair in two days chic. It just works.) 

Anyway, I would definitely try any one of these and now I suddenly have the urge to peruse the aisles of Home Depot brainstorming new jewelry ideas. Hex nuts, hinges, old zippers... I just love the idea of using items in a new and unexpected way. Would you rock any of these looks? 

1. hex nut bracelet via honestlywtf
2. washer necklace via ruelala blog
3. zipper flower ring via mysquaretable
4. zipper rocker ring via kimboscrafts
5. hinge bracelet via stripes + sequins

 Honorable mention goes to this killer nail bangle I found recently, but I couldn't find a DIY for one like it. If you figure out how to bend a nail, let a girl know, would ya?

Anyway, it's back to Jacksonville tomorrow. I hope you're all enjoying your Friday afternoons, and if you decided to make any of these, let me know so I can how it goes!

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